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BioTillion is 
the way samples are 
tracked in low temperature 
biobanks using RFID technology. 
We enable real-time precision tracking of samples in situ.  




BoxMapper - The BioTillion BoxMapper solves the problem of reading and mapping the contents of a sample box. Reading a box is fast and eliminates human error. Interfaces to LIMS and Freezer Management software are continuously being added.
ColdTrack Vials - BioTillion's ColdTrack Vials provide a method for uniquely identifying every sample using EPC Gen2-compatible RFID technology. Redundant 2D barcoding is also available. ColdTrack Vials can be read while at liquid nitrogen temperatures and can be autoclaved.


ESBB 2015 - Booth 26, SEP 30- OCT 2, LONDON, UK



ISBER 2015 - Booth 505, May 5-9, Phoenix, US



April 2014 - BioTillion is awarded  Phase IIb grant 

May 2013 - AgileBio completes integration of BioTillion's BoxMapper to their LabCollector LIMS package.

Feb. 2012 - First shipments of BoxMapper and ColdTrack Vials.

Jan. 2012 - BioTillion chosen to participate in the SLAS 2012 AveNEW program.

Mar. 2011 - Based on first year progress BioTillion is awarded a non competitive Phase II continuation grant.


Electronically tracking large collections of samples kept at ultra low temperatures in biobanks and biorepositories | RFID Sample Tracking
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