ColdTrack Platform

There are three basic components to the ColdTrack platform
ColdTrack Vial
Each ColdTrack sample vial is tagged with a unique RFID identifier. This means that no two sample vials will ever have the same ID. Our RFID-tagged vials survive exposure to a wide range of temperatures: from liquid nitrogen temperatures (-196 ºC) up to the maximum operating temperature of the vial (134 ºC) without loss of data or functionality.
ColdTrack BoxMapper
A freezer box is mapped simply by placing a freezer box containing one or more ColdTrack Vials on the BoxMapper. The BoxMapper can map the contents of a freezer box in a few seconds.  The reader is connected to a computer using a USB cable.  
Integration with LIMS
The BoxMapper is integrated with an ever expanding group of LIMS packages. The details of the BoxMapper - LIMS interaction is slightly different for each LIMS package but in all cases the box map is transferred to the LIMS program automatically so that the user does not need to enter vial IDs or box locations.
Advantages of the ColdTrack technology
For the User
1.    The RFID tag is integrated into the vial and cannot be removed or detached inadvertently.
2.    There is no need to remove frost and ice to read and map the contents of a box.
3.    Mapping a full box is fast (a few seconds) so sample integrity is preserved because samples don't have time to thaw.
4.    There is no need to hunt for a particular sample in a box since a map of the box is generated immediately.
5.    Integration with LIMS is automatic.
For the Biorepository / Biobank manager
1.    There is no need to place the samples in a particular location in a box - significant reduction in workload and lower probability of filing mistakes.
2.    Significantly less time is needed to track down a sample since the actual contents of a box is mapped in real time.
3.    Samples can be located within the box immediately - misplacing a sample in a box is of little consequence.
4.    There are no labels to drop off or written information to rub off.